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Slamashizz Mix 2

Hey yo!

A few drinks may have been downed since a mixtape/download/digital compiliation from me, but here is a noob!

I have decided to change the name, and also the number of this is 2…just because I couldn’t be bothered putting number 1 up here.

On this I hope you’ll find something to make you sweat, blush, smile, or maybe just cry because you’re really having a hard time and everything seems to be making you cry at the moment…that’s ok too. It could always be worse…just take a look at the picture above (and check track 21). There’s some new stuff and some old stuff, some slow jams and some camp-y electro tracks and some great ladysongs…something for Y’ALL.

See below for the tracklisting…I have done it slightly differently this time (basically cos I’m lazy, and it actually takes ages to do one of these properly) so in the download link you will find all the songs PLUS an XML file. I suggest you add all the songs to your itunes first, and then go to itunes ->file ->library ->import playlist and then choose the xml file and TA DAA! The magic of technology. Or you could just listen to the songs in any order you like of course.

Enjoy amigos :)

Slamashizz Mix 2 here

1. Retrograde - James Blake

2. A To B - Gliss

3. All Eyes (James Yuill Remix) - Post War Years

4. Someone Needs A Ritual - Torches

5. Let It Go - The Neighbourhood

6. My Little Universe - Depeche Mode

7. How Long? - How to Destroy Angels

8. Network - Dream Mclean

9. Possession - HUMANS

10. Taking Off - Beach Fossils

11. Western Thrills - Bravestation

12. Frivolous Life - Yesyou

13. Pilgrim (Ms Mr Remix) - Mo

14. Rumour - Chlöe Howl

15. Out Of It - Fallulah

16. Ingenue - Atoms For Peace

17. Für Hildegard von Bingen - Devendra Banhart

18. Weighing The Promises - Ainslie Wills

19. Iron (Remix By Mystery Jets) - Woodkid & Mystery Jets


21. Things Are Sometimes Tragic - Team Ghost

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Check out the laidback grooves and soviet-inspired visuals on Midnight Juggernauts brand new video!

Midnight Juggernauts - “Ballad of the War Machine” (Official Video) (by noisey)

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This is a taste of James Yuill’s new stuff, from his forthcoming album These Spirits. If you love this, please go pledge for his new album and enjoy his amazing updates and general loveliness. I can vouch, I have met this man and he is great :)

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Kids Of The Apocalypse (KOTA)

Go check the site (old-school awesome) and listen to their tune…this could be fun.

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If you like Bjork’s ‘Homogenic’ album then you will surely love this Australian lass. Take a listen! And go find her EP. It’s free and pretty amazing.

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Steve Lamattina

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Professor Possessor - Valley Girl

I kinda love this video, and the song is growing on me too. Go find these guys on bandcamp. They have some good stuff!

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Get People - Something Better

Like gentle waves of tropical fuzziness. From their forthcoming Harmonize EP

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Retrospect: Bohocomp 12 +13

Alas, I have fallen behind. But I do have compilations created, it’s just that some of the songs are not as zeitgeist now that’s it June.

Now if you feel like something to groove along to, check out The Weeknd, Chet Faker, Trophy Wife or Beta Frontiers…if you’re up for a party check out the Mickey/Monarchy tune, The Cast of Cheers, Tiger Love or the Active Child remix. There’s also some slower tunes to wind down to, all you could ever need!

So please click on the links, take a listen and pass it on to your friends if you like what you hear.

Enjoy ;)


1    The Birds Part 1 - The Weeknd
2    Geneva’s Gone - Faded Paper Figures
3    All The Useless Things - Battlekat
4    Oceans - New Navy
5    Breaking The Yearlings - Shearwater
6    Goose - The Cast Of Cheers
7    Chaine Maile - Oscar + Martin
8    XO / The Host - The Weeknd
9    Katy on a Mission (Album Version) - Katy B
10    As Bright As Your Night Light - Nerves Junior
11    Surfacing - Trophy Wife
12    The Long Haul - NO
13    Ode To Janey Lou - FOE
14    All The Saints - Class Actress
15    Love For Sale (Feat. Monarchy) - Mickey
16    After All - We Have Band
17    Sleepwalks - Trophy Wife
18    Kaleidoscope - Geographer


1    Temporary - White Rabbits
2    Johnny Belinda (White Arrows Remix) - Active Child
3    Blinders - Geographer
4    Hondo ft. Becky Ninkovic - Beta Frontiers
5    Five Seconds - Twin Shadow
6    I’m Into You - Chet Faker
7    Obedear - Purity Ring
8    Under Control - Tiger Love
9    Scavenger - School Of Seven Bells
10    Disparate Youth - Santigold
11    The Wave - Miike Snow
12    Sidewalk Safari - Chairlift
13    Landfill - Daughter
14    Family (Royal Scams Remix) - The Cast of Cheers
15    Rivers of Blood - We Have Band
16    Float - KO KO
17    Waveforms - Django Django
18    Selena - Rufus
19    Love In A Foreign Place - Gossip
20    All Inside - Bondax

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Metric - Youth Without Youth

New song from Metric. It feels like it’s been a while, and this in your face rocker really hits the spot. Good to see them putting out new stuff.

The new album, Synthetica, is out June 12th.